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Native to the Santa Cruz Mountains, banana slugs have no natural predators but weird college kids trying to lick them. Your tongue won’t go numb if you lick this giant fleece version (but it will get fuzzy). Squirmy-wormy, bright yellow with a look of surprise on its face- what did it just see??


This slug is from my Hug Pillow series and is long enough to wrap around your waist or over your shoulders. IT IS 7 FEET LONG!!!!!!!


Hug pillows are good for a snuggle at the end of a long day, or for pressure therapy. Sometimes a person needs a squeeze. It's long enough that it should be able to wrap around your waist at least once. Some people may be able to snake it around a few times. What I like most about these is that it's a hug for any part of your body-- use it to find your perfect snuggle/relax position.


Great gift for:


UCSC-bound student

UCSC grad




It is 10 feet long and about 4” wide. Hand wash, air dry.

Banana Slug Hug Pillow

  • Please allow 5-10 business days for this made-to-order slug.

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