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Weird stuff delivered FRESH to your door! 

Giant carrot body pillow- 4 feet long vegetabel cushion. Weird pillow held up by a weird person.
Rainbow striped arm pillows with hands. hug pillows in multicolor. Long pillow with hands. Wrap or pretzel pillow.

Hug Pillows

Body pillows that conform to yours!

Home Decor
never tasted so good.

Woman sitting in a comfy blue chair and holding a giant plush eggplant. Cuddly fruit pillows, weird stuff. Vegetable comfort objects for introverts and foodies.
Young woman hugging a large lemon pillow. Lemon-shaped cusion, fruit plush for fun summer gifts.

best sellers
Fruit and vegetable pillows


Funky textured clothing- pink linen artist tunic with a pompom-embellished collar. Woman with brown hair smiling really big while showing off the chunky cute collar.
Woman in a blue jumpsuit holding a bunch of giant plush blueberry pillows, while more blueberries float in the air like giant weird bubbles.

Thank you very very much.

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