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Jumbo Jibbles sounds big, but it's just me, Amy Brown. I taught myself to sew little fun projects and they got much bigger over time.  Since 2020 I've started making more than just fruit and vegetables. 

All products are made at my studio in San Jose, CA, except for my longtime best-sellers which are now made at a small US factory (carrots, blueberries, lemons). If you are in town, drop me a line-- I love having visitors to the Jibbles Lab.

Looking for something that has never existed in real life before? I would love to make that for you.  Check out my portfolio of custom work for clients.  Whether it's a very special squash or props for a TV show, I am excited to make it!

Please email me at or use the Contact Form if you have any questions. No project is too weird-- I'd love to be proven wrong!

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