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Shop Policies

Want to find Jumbo Jibbles in the wild, or have my lovely creations in your store?  

Returns + Exchanges

It's a small, small business here, so please do not buy unless you really want it! I do not accept returns unless there is something wrong with the item. When you buy from Jumbo Jibbles, there's one person making it, shipping it and answering messages-- me!

Shipping times

Most items will state if they are made to order, ready to ship, and how long you will need to wait before the item will be shipped. I typically ship two days a week, so for ready-to-ship stuff please allow 3-4 business days before you get a shipping confirmation. Remember-- one lady, doing it all!

Shipping options

My stuff is big, and there's no way to make it much smaller (I have tried). The default shipping is through USPS, usually Parcel Select, which takes 2-9 business days. You can upgrade to Priority or Priority Express. 

International Shipping

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I'm not responsible for delays due to customs.  If you are ordering from outside the US, I will ask for your phone number to add to the shipment in case there are problems when it arrives through your post office. Every place is different, and I can only be responsible for entering the address YOU give me correctly on the box.  You have no idea the powers of shipping logistics that are ascribed to me, a pillow maker with an English BA in San Jose, California.

There are a few countries I cannot ship to (this is subject to change) due to the intricacies of their import systems. I like all the countries, but again, I have to pick my battles.


Oh hi, you want a lot of stuff? Please check out my wholesale info on or contact me directly.  Generally I only do wholesale on items I am already in production on. But we can talk. 😏


If you send something as a gift, please put a note at checkout if you would like a little gift note added in. Let them know who it is from! Just in case you are in the Federal Witness Protection Program, I do not give out any information about who buys things to people who aren't the person who bought the things. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wash my pillow?

To keep a handmade item looking its best, handwash first. Always let air-dry.

You can machine wash most of my stuffed creations-- but only in a front-load washer. The agitator in a top-loader is too aggressive for the hand-stitched details.

Some specialized photo props may not be washable, but that is something that will be discussed case-by-case.

Is everything handmade?

The first 400 or so carrots were made by me with some help from my erstwhile assistant Nancy (hey Nancy!). After that, to keep up I partnered with the American Bear Company in Phoenix, AZ. They allow small designers to get batches as small as 50 pieces made in their woman-owned factory. As of May 2024, they are closing, so all Jibbles will be made locally again with the help of some of the finest sewists of the South Bay.

If that bums you out that it didn't come directly from me, I get that. Deciding to have outside help make some of my products was a hard decision, made after constant hand-sewing gave me repetitive stress injuries. Every item in my store will say whether or not someone has helped me make it-- that's my promise!

But I want something that was made ONLY BY YOU!

Ok! But it'll cost you. 

Custom and personalized orders

Want something special? Just ask- I love to make things in different colors, sizes, with arms, faces, pockets. A difference commensurate to my time is added to the price.

Gift wrapping and packaging

Because my items are so so big, I can't wrap them in a giant box and then put them in a slightly larger box. Not can't-- won't! Trying to do good by the environment as I can. I do wrap them all in tissue paper and will include a handwritten gift card. For small items such as headbands, hats or masks, I wrap them cutely with tissue paper and washi tape.

What's the weirdest thing someone has asked for?

I don't think I can say because of the NDA, so I'll go with a mushroom cloud hand puppet or an anthropomorphized uterine fibroid.

Did I see your big carrot on TV once?

Twice! My Giant Carrot Body Pillow was talked about on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (Parker Posey won it at a white elephant part at Questlove's house!!!) and also as a prop on the last season of VEEP.

Why don't you put faces on things?

I like my creations to each have their own personality- the one you give it. If you would like a face on yours, let's talk about the exact face you want and do a custom order!

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