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What's not a vegetable and not an animal? A mineral! Say hello to Soft Rocks, an alternative to mining heavy stones. This beautiful faceted red gemstone pillow looks as if it reflects light from its facets. Give it as an alternative to birthstone jewelry, to gem lovers and geologists alike. Collect several and make your own dragon's lair right in your bedroom!
 Rubies are one of the hardest stones, just beneath diamonds. The biggest ruby in the whole world is in China and measures 5" across! Ruby in Sanskrit is “ratnaraj”, meaning "king of gems". Other red gems and minerals include:
 Red Mountain Jade
 Imperial Topaz
 The Gem pillow measures 13" across and 11" tall. It is not a flat pillow, but irregularly shaped all the way around, like a stone pulled from the earth.

Ruby Gemstone Pillow

  •  This product is designed and manufactured by me at my studio in San Jose, California.

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