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For the first time in all of Jumbo Jibble's history, THE POTATO. She is beautiful, is she not? Snuggled in the dirt, shielded from the sun, growing and changing at her own pace. It is ok to do nothing sometimes-- it is good for you! Don't let people tell you a couch potato is a bad thing. Let the Potato Buddy guide you to relaxation.


This limited run of Potato Buddies is made from a perfect light brown mottled fabric that looks just like a russet potato. Each potato will be different-- lumps, bumps, eyes, dents and imperfections. Just like us!


Potato measures 13" wide and 22" long. It's vaguely ovoid-- a beautiful natural potato that would not likely make the cut by McDonalds' standards. The fabric is polyester fleece and the interior is recycled polyester fiber fill.


Looking for other body pillows?

Potato Pillow

  • It is machine washable in a front-loading washer, but I recommend spot-cleaning it first. Always air dry.

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