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Roller skating is back in a big way, and so is the opportunity to wear knee-high socks with a lot of personality. I love making hand-made cotton flannel pompoms at Jumbo Jibbles, and they are the best because they only get better with each wash.
 These are a limited edition Roller Skating PomPom Sock set, and you can see I have modeled them on some orange pool noodles. I've got a classy operation here.
 Are you good at roller skating? I found in my own skating community that the best skaters are still super supportive of beginners (and people like me, who are not beginners but still skate like one!) It's a sweet kind of community to roll around in. And think of this-- fashion looks different if you are rolling forward rather than sitting still! So, dress like the wind!
 These are cotton/poly soccer socks in a US Women's size 4-9. The color is closer to acid yellow (neon greenish tones) and the pompoms are a lovely dark turquoise. They can be machine washed and dried.

Pom Pom Roller Skate Socks

  •  This product is designed and manufactured by me at my studio in San Jose, California.

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