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 It's three 6 foot pillows, knotted together-- 3 in one! You get a pink, peach and white tube, with contrasting ends. They may be used as individual hug pillows for different parts of the body, or all knotted together. There's no wrong way to do it.
 More abstract pillows: 
 My Jumbo Jibbles are designed in San Jose, California, in a beautiful studio that was once a roller skating rink. I began designing fruits and vegetables in 2011 as a silly project to help me destress from work. Making normal objects much bigger than they are in real life creates a spark in me. Holding a giant kiwi makes you feel smaller in comparison, and sometimes we just need to feel tiny and take a nap. Young or old, Jumbo Jibbles are for the sleepy times in all our lives.
 -100% cotton (main pillow)
 -non-allergenic polyester stuffing
 -hand-drawn pattern

Pink Tubes Puzzle Pillow - Knot Pillow - Three in One Hug Pillow