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Give yourself a squeeze! Pink and blue pop on this wormy-squirmy 7 foot long hug pillow. What's a hug pillow? A pillow that hugs you! Choose how you wrap it around your body-- around the waist for a serious hug, snaking between your legs to relieve joint pressure or around your neck for a tremendous SQUEEZE!

A Hug Pillow is a physical and visual pick-me-up on a hard day. Wrapping the 7 foot pillow around your body (waist, neck, legs, head) and tying gives you a real squeeze that after 30 seconds* will give you an oxytocin boost. It's a hug when no one else is around, so fantastic for working from home, studying, travel. No one gets enough hugs, but you can change that.

It really is 7 feet long! With hands! You can machine wash it in a front-loading washer and air dry. It's a snake, it's a rainbow, it's a lovely treat you can give yourself or others.


Third photo shows same pillow in a different colorway.

*So science says!


Hug Pillow -Movie Night

  •  This product is designed in San Jose, CA and  manufactured by the American Bear Company in Phoenix, AZ.

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