Curl up with a carrot and snub the "boyfriend" pillow. You don't need a man-- you need a carrot.
 There's never too much time to relax- do it your way. The Giant Carrot Body Pillow is 4 feet of soft orange coziness, with an additional 2 feet of leaves. You can wrap them around your neck or fiddle them with your fingers. Rest your knees on this giant vegetable for some sore hip relief, or lay alongside it to watch TV. 
 Each carrot is 4 feet long, made of vegan fleece. The insides are made of recycled polyester fibers and are very squishy. The leaves have a more firm stuffing in their stems- good if you need to give someone a soft (but loving) bonk on the head.
 I designed my carrots in 2012 and made them myself for years. They are now made at a small woman-owned factory in Phoenix, where I work with the owner on the design and manufacturing. Her name is Kyle and she helps me make the carrots so I don't get wrist pain anymore.
 Can you wash it? Yeah! I recommend spot-cleaning it first, and if you need to give it a full wash it can be done by hand or in a front-loading washing machine. Please don't put it in a top-loader with an agitator! Let air dry.
 Whether you are giving as a gift to someone else, or a gift to yourself, the last thing you suspect is just how big it is when you receive the package. Four feet of carrot bursting out of the box- just for you!
 It's a big box, so make sure the place receiving it has a secure spot. Shipping look high? Unfortunately it's not small! That costs money to ship.
 Check out the photos for some great shot from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Also seen on HBO's Veep! Season 7, Episode 3:
 You betcha- contact me for different colors or sizes. I have made 8 foot carrots and disco carrots and carrot with ARMS. If you think it's too weird to ask for, it'll probably be my favorite question ever.

Giant Carrot Plush Body Pillow - 4 Feet of Vegetable Coziness