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What color hug do you need today? Wrap super-long fuzzy arms around you and feel a little better. They arrested 7 feet long!


These are mock-ups if the colors I am offering for a Combo Hug Pillow. You can pick TWO colors - one for the hands and another for the arm. Please message me if you would like more customization.


They are made to order. They are wonderful and YOU get to pick what color-combo hug you get. Pick one color for hands and one color for the long middle part of the pillow.


Pick TWO from:



💗 Friday Pink Fleece

🏮 Orange Soda Fleece

😌 Zoom Yellow Fleece

🌵 Baby Cactus Green

🌃 Goodnight Blue

💦 Surf’s Up Cerulean

🎆 Pop Purple Fleece

🪸 Electric Coral Velour (arms only)

🍻 Suntan Beige Fleece


I’m not a doctor but I CAN help by creating objects that bring comfort in isolation. Don’t scoff- wrapping this pillow tightly around your body is similar in ways to deep pressure therapy and helps to switch from a “fight or flight” response to “rest and digest”. Hug Pillows are 7 feet long with hands at the end you can fidget with.


🖐 Can they be washed? Yes, in a front-loading machine.

🖐Are they vegan? Why yes they are!

🖐 Can I touch my face with these hands? Well, that is up to you.


The "hug pillow" is a long pillow ending with hands on each end. You can wrap it up into a pretzel, lay it along the length of your couch or wrap it around you. Every body is different, so there are lots of ways to do it. Fabric is soft poly fleece (one option is electric coral velour). The filling is non-allergenic polyester fibers, fluffy and non-sneezy.

Custom Color Hug Pillow

  • Please allow 7-10 business days between purchase and shipment of this item. It is made to order.

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