Make yourself feel tiny and fall asleep. Inside a nest of sheets and blankets blueberry friend peeks out-- shhhhhh.
 Add a little color to your bedroom or couch with this over-sized Blueberry Pillow. Soft, squishy and absolutely ridiculous, this pillow will make anyone smile. It stands up enough on its own that you can display it as a decoration as well as a pillow, or play catch with it. Made of soft blue fleece, it is a huggable fruit with no danger of bruising.
 This giant blueberry shaped pillow measures 12 inches around. It weighs very little and is filled with polyester stuffing made from 90% recycled material. No small parts, so safe for fruit lovers of all ages. 
 Listing is for one blueberry. 
 Can you wash it? Yeah! I recommend spot-cleaning it first, and if you need to give it a full wash it can be done by hand or in a front-loading washing machine. Please don't put it in a top-loader with an agitator! Let air dry.
 I designed my blueberries and made them myself for years. They are now made at a small woman-owned factory in Phoenix, where I work with the owner on the design and manufacturing. Her name is Kyle and she helps me make the berries so I don't get wrist pain anymore.
 It's a big blueberry but I fit it into a small box. Your shipping will directly reflect the exact postage from here to there. 
 Would you like this bigger, or in a different color? Message me for something special just for you.

Blueberry Plush Fruit Pillow - Weird Stuff