It is exactly what it looks like-- a giant carrot. What will you use it for? Decoration? Special naps? My giant veggie plush make memorable gifts for anyone who likes food-- that means the perfect gift for just about anyone.
 I have seen very cute photos of baby "milestones"- the baby's growth is measured alongside the carrot!
 This wonderfully silly stuffed carrot is made of nubbly, soft fleece and filled with non-allergenic polyester stuffing (90% recycled!). It is cuddly, but substantial enough to be used as a neck pillow.
 Carrot measures 2 feet long plus long leaves. It is lightweight and "grown" in California. 
 More carrots:
 Body Pillow:\
 Can you wash it? Yeah! I recommend spot-cleaning it first, and if you need to give it a full wash it can be done by hand or in a front-loading washing machine. Please don't put it in a top-loader with an agitator! Let air dry.
 You betcha- contact me for different colors or sizes. I have made 8 foot carrots and disco carrots and carrot with ARMS. If you think it's too weird to ask for, it'll probably be my favorite question ever.

Baby Carrot Plush - Small Carrot Pillow or Photo Prop - Weird Stuff