Watermelon sssssssnake! This little buddy lives outside in the garden and protects your melons. Does it eat watermelon? Only if you cut it up into little pieces for her-- she's tiny! No teeth to bite through the thick rind. You'll need to help this snake out a lot and be a protector. 
 Whether you need to focus your energy to think more clearly, or simply want to add softness to your day, don't forget: wallet, phone, keys, fidget snake.
 Made from several stacks of green cotton flannel, the Watermelon Snake doesn't need to eat, but wouldn't mind being close to you when you are. Each has tiny eyes and a whispery tiny tongue. 
 Each snake measures between 10-12”. Variations are natural! Snake may shed a little fuzz.

Watermelon Snake Fidget - Handcut Chenille Mini Gift - Green Stripes