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From my newest project, Party Savers! I've wanted to create some clothing with my Jumbo Jibbles flair (pompoms) but why make new clothes when there's tons of bright, lovely pieces already out there? This is a beautiful collaboration between me, Joann Fabrics and the Savers Thrift next door to it. I've picked out cute bright pieces and added a lotta pop.


Thrifting in January, it was lovely to get my hands on some bright summer colors. This artist's tunic is a slightly faded watermelon pink linen-look style, with incredibly embellished collar and sleeves. The collar is a riot of pinks with bits of red and turquoise breaking up the field of color.   They've been added thickly, but chaotically, and some electric coral threads were left uncut to give it a fuzzy, alive look.  The cuffs are also embellished, but not as thickly. I wanted the leave the option of rolling the cuffs without too much bulk.   


The shirt was found with two small bleach spots, which I have covered with pompoms.


This is a size 2XL thrifted button-up shirt from an unknown company. The original care label was removed.  I did a burn test on a piece of loose thread from it, and it appears to be cotton! 


Worried about fuzzies? Little fibers may continue to come off after a wash or two-- it's ok. That's the natural enfuzzying process.  Little thread coming out of the pompom? If you don't like it, it's ok to trim it.


Watermelon Artist Tunic

  • Measurements:

    Chest: 50"

    Arms: 23

    Length: 33"

    Hips: 52"

    The model (me) is 5'6. I usually wear a medium.

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