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From my newest project, Party Savers! I've wanted to create some clothing with my Jumbo Jibbles flair (pompoms) but why make new clothes when there's tons of bright, lovely pieces already out there? This is a beautiful collaboration between me, Joann Fabrics and the Savers Thrift next door to it. I've picked out cute bright pieces and added a lotta pop.


This is a thrifted size extra small jean jacket. It's from the company American Rag Cie and the fabric is 98% cotton, 2% spandex. I try as hard as I can to find pieces that are made of natural fabric.  This cute lil jacket is cropped and I've finished the edge of the cuff and rolled it twice.


The sprinkles go all the way around to the back and down the arms. There is one chest pocket.  The jacket had a faint pink stain (likely from being washed with something red) and I've covered it in extra sprinkles. You can see it if you know to look for it.

Sprinkles Jacket - XSmall

  • Measurements:

    Chest: 36"

    Arms: 21" (plus rolled cuff)

    Length: 17"

    The model (me) is 5'6. I usually wear a medium, so it's a little tight on me. Nice long sleeves!

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