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Why be a masked unicorn? Because:
 -you're snowboarding
 -you're a little girl who loooooves unicorns
 -you're a little boy who loooooves unicorns
 -you're an adult who loooooooves unicorns
 -you are in the Witness Protection Program
 -you're a burglar (don't do that!)
 -you are in the snow, and thus cold
 -you need a hijab-friendly accessory
 -you have glasses
 -just because
 These are the many reasons one might wear a unicorn ski mask. This one-hole design is much better suited to people with glasses and can be worn over the mouth or under the chin. 
 The horn measures 7 inches long (18cm) coming straight from your forehead. Made of white machine-sewn felt, the spiral details along the horn are hand-sewn, as are the ears. This one size fits all 100% acrylic adult ski mask is a sure-fire conversation starter. 
 Prefer narwhals? Let me know in the "Notes" at checkout, and I will send you a mask without ears.

Pink Unicorn Ski Mask

  •  These are ready-to-ship items. Please allow 1-3 business days between purchase and shipment.

  •  This product is designed and manufactured by me at my studio in San Jose, California.

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