Straight from the wacky lab of Jumbo Jibbles - a blue strawberry! This berry decided to go its own way and grow pink instead of red. Made of hot pink fleece with late-afternoon blue seeds. The seeds are cut-outs from the outer pillow, showing an inner blue layer. So if you want to hide a note (or anything) inside, do it! Don't hide strawberries in there, though. You might forget (I did that with a banana in my purse once... or twice.)
 Fourth photo shows strawberries of a similar size.
 All my strawberries are stuffed with filling made from 90% post-consumer recycled plastics and made in a smoke- and pet-free studio in San Jose, CA.
 -hand wash cold, air dry

Pink and Blue Strawberry Pillow - Plush Fruit Gift - Snozzberry