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What do you call a fun snake? Hissssssterical! 
 Yes, that's a terrible joke, but it makes this pink and yellow taffy snake really happy. Hold it in your hand while to help you concentrate in class or keep it in your pocket to wheedle when you're nervous. It is a great fidget because it can also be a friend.
 Whether you need to focus your energy to think more clearly, or simply want to add softness to your day, don't forget: wallet, phone, keys, fidget snake.
 Made from several candy-colored stacks of cotton flannel, the Laffy Taffy snake doesn't need to eat, but could exist on a few jokes a day. Each has tiny googly eyes and a whispery tiny tongue. 
 Each snake measures between 10-12".  Variations are natural! Snake may shed a little fuzz. Snake may be machine washed but googly eyes may be too fragile for washing machine.
 Because of the small parts (eyes) not recommended for children under 3 years.

Fidget Snake - Laffy Taffy

  •  This product is designed and manufactured by me at my studio in San Jose, California.

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