Inspired by a bucket of crayons, here is a line of masks in fun back to school colors. The pompoms are handmade and will only get fluffier in the washing machine. Pink, orange and blue pompom "sprinkles". The pompoms only get fluffier as they get washed/dried, so don't worry!
 This mask is a medium, appropriate for teens and adults. It is two-layered with a chin tuck and adjustable nose wire. The tie is stretchy Jersey yarn with a neck loop to prevent losing it. The top of the head toe is adjustable and can be adjusted for an ear-loop fit as well. 
 Please handwash before wearing as colors may run. Wash under running water (do not soak).. 
 -machine washable
 -free shipping
 -100% cotton

Hot Sprinkles Confetti Mask - Adult PomPom Mask