Take a post-gardening nap with a genuinely giant tomato! Jumbo Jibbles fruit and vegetable pillows are a lively addition to a dull couchscape. They don't require any water or sunlight, and stay in season year-round. 
 This is a 100% vegan product and doesn't have any small parts (so safe for kiddos). They encourage a happy relationship with produce and make people of all ages smile.
 It measures 12" (30cm) and is made of super soft anti-pull fleece and eco-felt. The materials in the polyester stuffing and felt top are made from post-consumer plastics and help keep matter out of landfills. 
 My Jumbo Jibbles are designed and made in San Jose, California, in a beautiful studio that was once a roller skating rink. In 2016 I teamed up with a small factory in Arizona to help me make my best-selling items so I could focus on making new things. This item will ship from the American Bear Factory in Phoenix, AZ. If you buy multiple items, they may come in separate shipments.
 I began designing fruits and vegetables in 2011 as a silly project to help me destress from work. Making normal objects much bigger than they are in real life creates a spark in me. Holding a giant tomato makes you feel smaller in comparison, and sometimes we just need to feel tiny and take a nap. Young or old, Jumbo Jibbles are for the sleepy times in all our lives.
 Take a fruit nap and dream of a sweeter world.
 -spot- or hand-wash, air dry

Giant Tomato Pillow - Plush Veggie for Foodies and TikTok Chefs