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Seems like most people like fuyu persimmons better because (surprise) they are easier to eat. I like this persimmon pillow because it sits up straight and doesn’t roll off the bed.

Choose from two options: super soft anti-pill fleece or bright cotton flannel. The calyx (leaves) are made from quilting cotton on top and fleece on the bottom. It’s finished off with a free-hand embroidered stem spot.

While its whimsy is apparent, this you don't have to be a parent to buy one-- my fantastic soft sculptures are for all ages. Give a gift to a foodie friend, or anyone who needs more snuggle objects.

It weighs 20 ounces and measures 9” tall and 12” wide. The interior filling is polyester fibers. No animal products are used in the making of this pillow.

Persimmon Pillow

  • Spot wash, air dry.

  •  This product is designed and manufactured by me at my studio in San Jose, California.

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