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If you have ever made the statement, "I need a black unicorn ski mask", then you probably really meant it. Allow me to make your dreams come true with this most excellent one-piece Halloween costume. Just pop it on with whatever you're wearing, and you. Are. Done.
 Hot on the trail of my outstanding unicorn sweatbands comes the Unicorn Ski Mask. Warm in the winter, stifling in the summertime, perfect for disguise and making everyone feel uncomfortable. Yeah, it's kind of menacing, but so are unicorns! 
 No animals or animal by-products are used in this mask. OMG IT IS VEGAN.
 The horn measures 7 inches long (18cm) coming straight from your forehead. Made of white machine-sewn felt, the spiral details along the horn are hand-sewn, as are the ears. One size fits all 100% acrylic adult ski mask. This is the one and only, my gift to the internet.
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Unicorn Ski Mask - Black