The Arabian Sand Boa took the internet by storm with its adorably dopey face. But don't be mistaken-- she is a fierce boa constrictor, and you'd better watch out.... if you are 4" tall. This Sand Boa fidget measures only 10-12 inches in length, so you (a regular size human) will likely be ok.
 Likely. 👀
 Whether you need to focus your energy to think more clearly, or simply want to add softness to your day, don't forget: wallet, phone, keys, snek.
 Made from several desert-hued stacks of cotton flannel, the Arabian Sand Boa is a soft little snake who only wants to squeeze some love out of you. Each has tiny googly eyes.. 
 Each snake measures between 10-12”. Variations are natural! Snake may shed a little fuzz. Snake may be machine washed but googly eyes may be too fragile for washing machine.
 Because of the small parts (eyes) not recommended for children under 3 years.
 *Video shoes similar snake!

Arabian Sand Boa Fidget - Handcut Chenille Snake - Mini Gift